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Foster Parent Involvement

Foster Parent Involvement With Natural Family Foster Parent Activities

1. Talk with the foster child regarding feelings about missing parents, help child
grief about separation from parent. Do not pressure or force the child to talk,
respect the child's feelings for privacy.

2. Proved progress reports about foster child to parents through letters, sharing
school papers and pictures etc.

3. Help foster child with gifts and cards for parents on special occasions.

4. Encourage parental participation in decision making by providing information
about child to Social Worker, requesting parental opinions and feedback
through worker.

5. Prepare foster child for visits. Encourage child's expression of feelings about
visits and provide transportation to visits when necessary.

6. Seek information about child from birth parent through Social Worker.

7. Allow foster child to spend special days with parents when requested only if
approved by county and FFA Social Worker.

8. Refrain from demeaning foster child's parents to the child or others.

9. Cooperate in plans for the foster child. If you disagree with the plan, share
your ideas/feelings with the Social Worker, NOT the child.

10. Respect the confidential nature of all information about the foster child and
their family.

11 . Allow/and or encourage post-placement involvement such as the exchange
cards, letters, sharing pictures, etc., between foster child and natural family.

12. Allow and/or encourage phone calls between foster child and birth parents
only if approved by county and FF A Social Worker.

13. Do not give your phone number or address to birth parents. We Strongly
suggest that previous to placement you call the phone company and list your
phone number and address as "unlisted".

14. Transport foster children to visits where limited birth parent contact may
occur, such as a visit that may occur in an agency.

15. Discuss decisions to be made about the foster child with parents on the phone
or m person.

16. Invite birth parents to attend activities such as school conferences and
functions, or invite the birth parents to accompany you in taking the foster
child to a doctor's appointment.

17. Coordinate visitation arrangements.

18. Assist birth parents in their development of parenting skills through teaching
and modeling. Remember, as a foster parent you serve as a "role model" for
the birth parents in the contact you have with them.

19. Transport foster child to visit in birth family's home when approved by the
County and FFA Social Worker.



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