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Nereyda Dominguez-Scholarship Receipent

My  name is Nereyda Dominguez. This is my third year at Fresno State. I am a Liberal Studies major, looking forward to becoming an elementary teacher. Within the Liberal Studies major my emphasis for the Multiple Subject Credential is in Bilingual Authorization.  The Authorization focuses on bilingual education in an elementary setting. I will have the opportunity to teach my class in both Spanish and English. I am also doing a minor in Urban Civic Education and getting a certificate in Cross-Cultural Competency. My long-term goals are to add on Math and Physics to the Multiple Subject Credential and attain a Masters in Multilingual Multicultural Education. By adding these extra subjects, I will be certified to teach high school. The Masters will prepare me to adequately teach linguistically and culturally diverse students by gaining a foundation in research, curriculum, and leadership that will assist me in prompting equity in our public schools.

Thanks to the generosity of Proteus Inc., the scholarship assisted me in buying my books for the semester. This added cost would have forced me to work more hours just to save money, but I was fortunate enough to have received this scholarship. I would like to thank you all for your generosity and consideration. Your assistance has made my college education possible and will continue to help other college students like myself succeed. I want to emphasize how much I appreciate your support for my college education and future.

Vanessa Morales-Former Foster Child

When you ask a child what they want most in the world, many reveal a toy they've always dreamed of or a special place they've longed to go. But for some, the need for security, love, and a stable home is what they wish most for. In fact, over 400,000 children in the United States are currently in foster care because their families are unable to meet their most basic needs. This was the case for Vanessa Morales, now 20, when she was placed with the Proteus, Inc. Foster Family Agency in 2001. Vanessa was only 10 years old at the time and always dreamed of having "the perfect family". Instead, her older brothers were in gangs and in and out of jail, her older sister got married and moved away, her mother was rarely home and was selling drugs, and her dad- she never met him.

Vanessa, along with her three younger siblings, were placed together in two foster homes during her time is foster care. She stayed in the second home for six years until she turned 18 in 2009. "I had a great experience with all four of my foster parents. Each one was different, but they all had one thing in common- and that was the love they showed me," shares Vanessa. "We were the family I dreamed of. We would have dinner together and talk, go to church twice a week, and take family trips to places like Disneyland and Universal Studios."



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